Dedicated e-mail

E-mail dedicated to only one advertiser sent to a specific target:
  • Highlights on an existing promotion
  • Content inspiration
  • Innovation
  • Up to 85.000 contacts


1 sending

Media Booking

6 weeks

Nice to know

  • Pre-analysis included
  • Definition of segmentation criteria in collaboration with MMD
  • Could be linked to a voucher
  • Look & feel Delhaize
  • Visual created by the client
  • Link to a page dedicated to your range of products on 
  • Setup + content cost
  • Sent on Tuesday or Saturday

Post reporting

Included in the price:
  • KPI1 - #Open rate (FR + NL)
  • KPI2 - #Click open rate (FR + NL)
  • KPI3 - #Click Map

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Average e-mail open rate of 27%

Above Belgian market benchmark



Brand awareness

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Engagement / Consideration