MMD Inspiration Info Deep Dive: Getting the most out of your personalized communication

Deep Dive: Getting the most out of your personalized communication

If you read marketing papers, you already know: 121 marketing is a very powerful and efficient medium. If it is used in the right way.
Let’s deep dive in the foundation of what will help you build an efficient CRM plan: our Database! 


Who is the Delhaize shopper?

First party data of retailers have become increasingly important to brands: the data quantity & quality, its source and its various segmentation possibilities have turned data in a goldmine for brands.

With Delhaize’s SuperPlus card & program, we have come to a new era of our database: Renewed & fully digital, it gives us more agility than before to target the right shoppers based on their needs & problems.

  • Our database has been expanded significantly: today, Delhaize has over 2,6 million active and identifiable Delhaize customers (card holders).
  • 1,65 million of those customers can be contacted for emailing activations by MMD.
  • And we have more information and insights than ever on buying behavior.


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How can I target the Delhaize shopper in a relevant way?

With a pool of 1,65 million customers who can be reached for brands and products sold in our supermarkets and for external brands & services as well, you might think the sky is the limit.

But no, our aim is not overwhelming these card holders, because this would mean: no relevancy!

Think “Less is more”: learn how to only target relevant people, based on accurate briefings and objectives. The results of your activations will follow.



1- Past Buying behavior:

Do you want to reach buyers or non-buyers of your brand? Buyers or non-buyers of the category? New buyers of the brand? Do you want to retain your loyal customers, or do you want to win back lapsers?

2- Customer Profile:

The following socio-demographics are available: age, location and gender.


3- Predicting future behavior with the Predictive Acquisition Model:

Based on a references list or (sub-)category list of your choice, we can help you find customers with a higher propensity to start buying your products and of course, target them. We can replicate this for all our card holders at Delhaize!

What do we ask from you?

  • A list of SKUs and/or a subcategory on which you would like the analysis to be done
  • A time period of your choice (recommended: 6 months)



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Use Delhaize segments for external brands & services

With a database of over 2.5M° customers, the chances of your clients also being our shoppers are high.

When segmenting the database for CRM activations for external brands, it’s all about finding a perfect fit & a great correlation between the brand’s target audience & our shoppers’ buying behavior.

Let’s get creative now and see how we can let the analytics work for products or brands that are not sold at Delhaize.

As you can see, there is always a creative solution to find your ideal target group.



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Deep Dive: Getting the most out of your personalized communication