MMD Inspiration Cases Use Delhaize segments for external brands & services

Zigt Media (Agency) - Bebat

Use Delhaize segments for external brands & services


The goal of this campaign was :

  • To raise customer awareness on the new Bebat Collect cube & how to get it
  • To educate the Delhaize customers on the importance of recycling old batteries
  • To inform the Delhaize clients about where to recycle their batteries based on their size

Development of an e-CRM campaign (Dedicated emailing) targeting 120.000 Delhaize clients with a Game Changers Profile.

The landing page of this campaign was hosted on the website of delhaize and gave a lot of extra useful information regarding the mission and purpose of Bebat  



Number of contacts:  120k

Opening rate: 47,1% 
- which is far above the campaign of 2021 with a OR of 30,3%
- which is far above our benchmark of 30,15%

Game changers customers like to buy locally or nationally grown/produced products, organic & healthy food. Game changers customers care about the environement and the planet.

Brand awareness


Engagement / Consideration