Engage, educate and convert your shopper through a fun experience! 

Included in this Program:

  • game online- 2 weeks
  • dedicated e-mail 150.000 contacts
  • reminder by mail or push notifaction
  • landing page with detail of the activation (if necessary)
  • option:
    • instore stopper
    • commercial display - pack small


Duration 2 weeks
Media Booking 10 weeks
Nice to know

Recruit: Games help you generate leads you can contact afterwards for other purposes (f.e. follow up, sending of a coupon, content)

  • 50 various games (memo, quiz, catcher game, shot goals, etc.) 
  • Micro-site fully dedicated to your brand with your own look&feel
  • Recruit : Games help you generating leads and qualify your DB
  • Engage : Average of 3-4 minutes of engagement with your brand
  • High Virality
Post reporting

Ad Hoc on demand --> Mix of different reports



Brand awareness

Engagement / Consideration