MMD Inspiration Info New at MMD: Sponsored Products

New at MMD: Sponsored Products

What are Sponsored Products ?


Sponsored Products are cost-per-click ads that promote individual products throughout


How does it work ? 


Sponsored Products look just like the regular products on the website. Our algorithm, that constantly learns, will show your products on the most interesting places.

We have available spots on the following pages of the Delhaize website:

  • Homepage
  • Check-out page
  • Category pages


You pay per click: this means that you only pay for the clicks on your product.

This could be a customer looking at your product detail page or a customer who adds your product immediately in his shopping basket.



We're kicking off in October with our pre-launch!


This means a limited set of booking slots at a special price.

Please contact our accounts for more information.



Product info:




       Performance based


Media booking

        2 weeks

Nice to know


        - Better visibility within your product group

        - You reach more interested customers

        - You only pay when someone cliks on your ad

        - Product item displayed on homepage, check-out and category pages



        Impressions and clicks 



        Conversion, call-to-action and awareness


New at MMD: Sponsored Products