Throughout the customer journey

Display Sampling

Display placed at the entrance of the store and filled with product samples.


The customer takes one product and scans it at the cashier with its loyalty Delhaize SuperPlus Card. 


Perfect media to generate a trial and boost the conversion!



1 week

Media Booking

8 weeks

Nice to know

  • All-inclusive service (Production - Placement - Post reporting)
  • Min 20 SM (of your choice)
  • Creation of the top card to provide by the client
  • Retarget the testers by e-mailing
  • Fresh product sampling and full size under investigation
  • Various formats possible

800x600mm + H860mm
800x1200mm + H860mm

Post reporting

Included in the price:

  • KPI1 - Reach Stores & Department 
  • KPI2 - Reach Department 
  • KPI3 - # cardholders who picked up the sample 
  • KPI4 - # new shoppers among trialists of the sample
  • KPI5 - Turnover units evolution of promoted product 
  • KPI 6 - Turnover units evolution of the range 

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