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Upsell Journey - Vandemoortele


On average, a consumer buys vinaigrette three times a year, with a peak from Easter to September. Vandemoortele's promotions are mainly scheduled at the beginning of the season because people usually don't try new things at the end of the summer.

Additionally, Vandemoortele knows that the vinaigrette category is highly dependent on the weather. People don't eat salads when it's cold and wet, but they do much more when a few nice days are unexpectedly forecasted.

That's why Vandemoortele likes to go digitally: it allows them to be more responsive.


This activation is all about making Vandemoortele's Vinaigrettes 450 ML top-of-mind among the consumers of the category of salads/sauces, during their peak season, from May to the summer month. It was about creating a story, a repetition of their message at different time of the yeat.

The idea was to make the consumers discover their vinaigrette assortment and drive them towards conversion.

Upsell journey emailing strategy = Through three waves of email campaigns, the goal is to send different content at different times to the same target audience. This allows us to stay top of mind with Delhaize consumers. To further enhance customer loyalty at Delhaize, each VDMTL email was paired with an e-deal. An e-deal is a benefit offered to Delhaize consumers, represented by a monetary value converted into Superplus points.




Media KPI's :

  • Average open rate of 3 e-mails of 50 %
  • AverageCTR of 3 emails : 6-7%


Sales KPI's :

  • Redemption rate on e-deals of + 15 %
A total of 35 K contacts, splitted in between their existing customers and lost customers that they wanted to regain. Category sauce and savory groceries, category fresh fruits and vegetables. Mainly women, PRA, aged between 35 and 54 years old.


Brand awareness