MMD Inspiration Cases Dedicated Direct Mail - A5 Postcard


Dedicated Direct Mail - A5 Postcard


On the occasion of their 85th anniversary, Yakult wanted to increase the frequency of purchases, mainly from loyal customers, and boost overall sales of its product. Yakult faces strong competition in the probiotics category. They were also absent from the Delhaize shelves for a few months. The purpose of sending their postcard was to make their customers loyal again and to inform them that Yakult is back at Delhaize. 


A Postcard communication campaign was deployed to Delhaize customers in early October 2020 during the covid 19 pandemic. This tool allows to send a personalized communication to the customer and stimulate his purchase intention through a coupon.


The results are conclusive!

Out of 50,000 coupons sent, more than 2,240 were used, representing a redemption of 4.48%. The average benchmark for paper mail actions is equivalent to 2.5%.

We have targeted all Yakult buyers who have been loyal to the brand over the past two years. This criterion has been complemented with loyal probiotic buyers.

Brand awareness