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Corman - Balade

CRM - Dedicated e-mail


At the beginning of the covid 19 health crisis (March 2020), one of Balade's references was temporarily unavailable in stores.


In order to warn their customers and direct them to an alternative reference, Balade sent an email to the buyers of the brand and the buyers of the butter category. An optimal way of storytelling and communicating the benefits of this alternative to a target that has become much more digital. A very nice proof of the adaptability of the brand which reinforces even more the good results.


The results were excellent: Sent to more than 33,000 contacts, they were able to benefit from an open rate of 44.50%, and an approximate CTR of 10%. A very strong participation which places this e-mail more than 15% above the national benchmark in terms of open rate. 

Buyers of the Balade brand and the butter category


Brand positionning

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