MMD Inspiration Cases Breakfast Event 2023: a full customer journey approach


Breakfast Event 2023: a full customer journey approach


We had the desire to support brands by raising awareness across customers after a calm period of summer. Therefore, we invited them to join our Breakfast Event in which they could bring our customers back to old habits and inspire them how to make their breakfast more tasteful.

Participating brands: Ritter Sport, Abbot Kinney's, Biaform, Alpro, Biaform ProVital, Harry's, Lavazza, Arla Skyr, Becel ProActiv, Pure Via, Charles Liègeois, Solo, Materne, Innocent, Boerinneke and Inex.


  • Create more awareness on brand's product range
  • Convince our customers to add these products to shopping basket

Full customer journey approach:

1) Make customers aware of it within their pre-shopping mode:

  • Breakfast top-topical sent towards a predefined audience of shoppers, integrated game on our website, IAB bannering and inspiring branded recipes.


2) Create extra buzz within on-and offline shopping trip: 

  •  Digital instore screens, push product for free delivery, shelf-dividers such as stopper/fridge door sticker and instore tasting event.


3) Generate loyalty afterwards:

  • A dedicated e-mail and an e-deal were sent towards shoppers who bought certain products during activation period.


  • More than 8.000 participants of the online game (jackpot)
  • 40 % of top-topical e-mail receivants opened the mail
  • 14 % of e-deal receivants activated their deal


  • + 11 % global sales uplift on linked brands / products 
Predefined target group selecting Delhaize customers with past buying history of the participating brands



Engagement / Consideration

Brand positionning