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Short interview of Anne-Laure de Hults from Alpro about the campaign "Envie de Vitalité / Goesting in Gezond" launched in collaboration with Delhaize & MMD


What were the main objectives of your campaign?

Recruitment and increase in consumption in the plant-based category


What was the main target?

We share a common target with Delhaize: the consumer looking for a balance, for products that are both healthy and tasty.


Main challenges/hurdles?

The challenge was to accelerate the integration of our products, and of the category as a whole, into the consumer's daily life. Inspire the consumer so that they can use the products of the plant-based category even more easily on different occasions in their daily life.


What media/marketing approach has been adopted?

Support for the consumer throughout their journey, with a focus on inspiration


How did MMD help you?

Expertise & advice to create awareness & visibility throughout the shopper journey, in order to attract new consumers in the category.


What were the results?

Increase in Delhaize market share in the category, volume growth and records on the various KPIs during the activation weeks:

Penetration: +24%

Increase in expenses per basket: + 12%, and in expenses per shopper: +16%

Increased closure rate: +7%


If it were to be done over again: what worked well vs. what could be improved? What advice would you give to MMD? And at the hearing?

To have:

- Transparency on objectives

- A good collaboration between the different stakeholders; Delhaize (catman, marketing), MMD & Alpro

- Follow-up by the various stakeholders

- An overall visibility



- Timing: Start early (several months in advance)

- Go for maximum visibility, with a focus on certain tools

- Involve stores more and better