A5 mailing (2 x A5 or 3 x A5) send to a specific target and dedicated to only one partner:

  • Exclusive offer
  • Content inspiration
  • Innovation
  • Up to 2 or 3 coupons offer
Duration 1 sending
Media Booking 13 weeks
Nice to know
  • Offer coupon  value: Min 20%
  • Look & feel Delhaize
  • Creation in collaboration with MMD
  • Only one partner
  • Min 50.000 contacts
  • Technical costs and production included in the setup
  • Advanced segmentation is possible, including Delhaize Shopper Segmentation
Post reporting

Reportings are available 6 weeks after the end of the activation and available via an online platform. Request access to our Account Managers.
KPI1 - #Participation rate
KPI2 - # redemption rate



Brand awareness

Call To Action


Engagement / Consideration

Brand positionning