MMD Inspiration Info Deep Dive: Getting the most out of your personalized communication

Deep Dive: Getting the most out of your personalized communication

If you read marketing papers, you already know: 121 marketing is a very powerful and efficient medium. If it is used in the right way. Let’s deep dive in the foundation of what will help you build an efficient CRM plan: our Database! 

Benchmark dedicated emailing 


  • Opening rate: 35%
  • CTR: 3.6%



  • Campaign Sales uplift (versus control group) : 35% 
  • Brand sales uplift (versus control group) : 20% 


Rdemption Rate

  • Till 5 % 


Who is the Delhaize shopper?


First party data of retailers have become increasingly important to brands: the data quantity & quality, its source and its various segmentation possibilities have turned data in a goldmine for brands.

With Delhaize’s SuperPlus card & program, we have come to a new era of our database: Renewed & fully digital, it gives us more agility than before to target the right shoppers based on their needs & problems.

  • Our database has been expanded significantly: today, Delhaize has over 2,8 million active and identifiable Delhaize customers (card holders).
  • 2,5 million of those customers can be contacted for emailing activations by MMD.
  • And we have more information and insights than ever on buying behavior.


Watch our very inspirational video capsule (5’) about data


How can I target the Delhaize shopper in a relevant way?


With a pool of 2,5 million customers who can be reached for brands and products sold in our supermarkets and for external brands & services as well, you might think the sky is the limit.

But no, our aim is not overwhelming these card holders, because this would mean: no relevancy!

Think “Less is more”: learn how to only target relevant people, based on accurate briefings and objectives. The results of your activations will follow.


          1- Past Buying behavior:

Do you want to reach buyers or non-buyers of your brand? Buyers or non-buyers of the category? New buyers of the brand? Do you want to retain your loyal customers, or do you want to win back lapsers?

          2- Customer Profile:

Targeting on the Delhaize customer’s socio-demographics:

  • Age
  • Location
  • Gender


          3 - Targeting on Delhaize branded segments:



          4 - Predicting future behavior with the Predictive Acquisition Model:

Based on a references list or (sub-)category list of your choice, we can help you find customers with a higher propensity to start buying your products and of course, target them. We can replicate this for all our card holders at Delhaize!

What do we ask from you?

  • A list of SKUs and/or a subcategory on which you would like the analysis to be done
  • A time period of your choice (recommended: 6 months)



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Use Delhaize segments for non-endemic brands & services


With a database of over 2.5 Mio customers, chances are high that you reach your client with us. When segmenting that database for CRM activations, non-endemic brands could find a perfect fit between their audience and our shoppers in terms of buying behavior.

Let’s get creative now and see how our data & analytics can do the work for your non-endemic product or brand. As you can see above, there is always a way to find your ideal target group


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Deep Dive: Getting the most out of your personalized communication