MMD Inspiration Info Programmatic, a part of our DOOH ecosystem

Programmatic, a part of our DOOH ecosystem

MMD launched its own programmatic DOOH offer on the market. Since then, our media partners can access our inventory through MyAdBooker, a fully automized DOOH platform that streamlines your video ad placement into mere seconds.

In terms of that inventory, we integrated more than 400 screens, deployed at the entrance, check-out, and wine-section of Delhaize’s supermarket network:

  • 178 entry-screens
  • 208 check-out screens
  • 52 wine category-screens



Targeting on purchasing behavior of Delhaize customers


MMD’s programmatic DOOH offer has been enhanced with extra targeting possibilities. Our advertisers now have the possibility to narrow their audience when purchasing our digital screens via programmatic advertising.

Since we matched our shopper data with our ad server, brands have been able to define their message towards a more specific group of category buyers. Find all categories over here:

→ Would you like to reach your target group thanks to programmatic? Feel free to contact Willem or Julie.


Advantages of our programmatic network

  • Geofencing: go local and match your preferred zone of communication with the stores present within that perimeter.
  • Deepdive into a certain category with our specific targeting options. Reach customers that really matter and avoid waste in terms of reach!
  • Make your message more dynamic by using digital signage. Let creativity do the work!




Full network available via Direct Selling


You can still buy the complete network (or a relevant part of it) via MMD Direct selling.

With more than 950 screens, deployed all along the customer’s journey, you can deliver the right message at the right time to the right audience.


→ Have a look at our DOOH inventory




Programmatic, a part of our DOOH ecosystem