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Instore experience results

In-store activations, such as tastings, are the best way to enhance the consumer experience and introduce new customers to your product. And the good news is: it boosts your sales just like that!


Discover some nice activations we did in 2022 and 2023


CASE 1: Diageo – Tanqueray 0.0%

  • Objective: Increase sales of a non-alcoholic spirit
  • What? Tasting + promotion of €3 on the bottle via Delhaize
  • Where? 33 stores at national level
  • Week: 19/2023

Drinking non-alcoholic spirits is on its way up but still people are very reluctant because they are afraid of the taste. Reason enough for Tanqueray 0.0%, which launched its new product in the beginning of 2023, to do a tasting. They chose week 19 to give some extra power to the national promotion that was going on that week.


The results?

With this In-store Activation, we reached 76k Delhaize consumers. Sales of Tanqueray 0.0% on the activation days were 20 times higher (+2000%!) than the category sales on that same day. 97% of the buyers were new customers for the brand.


CASE 2: Pauwels

  • Objective: Brand awareness + inspire Delhaize shoppers with the variety of flavors their sauces come in.  
  • What? Tasting + promotion with price offer: €1 discount voucher
  • Where? 61 stores at national level
  • Week: 18-19/2023


A new wind is rushing through our sauce shelves. With the introduction of several new flavors within their assortment, Pauwels wishes to appeal to even more shoppers who could choose for them. To get there, they chose week 18 and 19 to let our shoppers be inspired by their different sauce flavors. 


The results?

With this In-store Activation, we reached 210k Delhaize consumers. Sales on the promoted sauces were 3 times higher (+300%!) than the category sales on that same day. 84% of the buyers were new customers for the brand.


CASE 3: Beiersdorf – Florena

  • Objective: Increase sales of a high-end cosmetic brand
  • What? Sampling + promotion with gift with purchase and coupon
  • Where? 15 stores at national level
  • Week: 52/2021 & 3/2022

How to inform people on the new facial care brand Florena (Beiersdorf) during the pandemic? Beiersdorf decided to launch an Activation instore: brand ambassadors attracted the attention of our consumers by giving a qualitative explanation on the different products, including a sample of the product and an informative leaflet. People who were immediately convinced were offered a nice, recycled tote bag for free with each Florena purchase.


The results?

With this Instore Activation, we were able to reach 43,000 Delhaize consumers. The sales evolution of Florena on the activation days was 50x more than the category sales during that same day and we attracted almost 100% new buyers who had never bought the brand before.


Case 4: Arla – LactoFREE

  • Objective: Create brand awareness and generate trial on total Arla LactoFree range
  • What? Sampling + discount coupon 1€
  • Where? 15 stores at national level
  • Week: 8/2022

Arla LactoFREE is considered more as a lifestyle brand which wants to get away from the purely technical benefits of lactose-free products. Arla LactoFREE not only aims to attract lactose-intolerant consumers, but also wellness experience seekers who consume vegan dairy for example. The best way to convince a consumer is by making him try the product: that is why Arla decided to sample a complete product while giving at the same time a discount coupon of 1€ on the whole Arla LactoFREE range.


The results?

During the activation days, MMD saw a turnover evolution of the Arla LactoFREE product range of 200% while the Dairy category was in decline at the same moment (96%). With this sampling activation, we convinced 45% new buyers to try out the product.


Case 5: Friesland Campina – Campina

  • Objective: Generate trial for the new low fat Campina products and inspire shoppers
  • What? Tasting with preparation + folder offer (buy one, get one half price) and/or discount coupon of 1€
  • Where? 45 stores at national level
  • Week: 17/2022 till 19/2022


The best way to inspire consumers to have fresh cheese for breakfast is to make breakfast for them. With Campina, we offered the Delhaize shoppers a healthy breakfast made of the Campina Fresh Cheese low fat alternative, some healthy granola and fresh fruit.


The results?

A sales evolution of +/- 850% compared to a small increase in sales of the category during the same activation days. Friesland Campina was able to convince 88,7% new buyers of the product.


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Instore experience results